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Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Complicate Life ♥

255th post :]]

sorrie fer e lack fer update..
didnt realli hav much time fer bloggin nowadays..
n n n ..
i manage to dye moi hair yesterdae..
n i've been transform to AH LIAN...
those who saw shld know..
if i known earlier i shouldnt heed her advice n highlight lo
didnt go fer trainin yesterdae coz was supposed to bring mummy go chinatown
but at e end she complain to tis n tt
nebe go..

went out wif sexy instead to east coast abt 10..
had dinner or rather supper at east coast centre..
didnt knew tt ther would b open in e nite..
till damm damm late
preview of stars n strollin of beach plus scarin ourself by mistakin ppl as ghost..
saw a grp of company marchin along e way too..
damm cute lo..
together wif gun n their helmet..

gonna do moi nails ltr on...
so so happie...
finalli can repaint after e nails colour wear off fer so long....
n i'm gonna hav a beautiful sets of nails fer new yr tis time round..
miss e old new yr i had previously wif moi old pal..
but things arent e same as b4 le..
4get it ba...
should look forward fer e future..

seriously things inside juboon ish gettin %^$#%$
damm pissed off..
make mie till i dont feel lyk goin to taiwan sia..
fer wad nid to pay additional 100 bucks
ish eu all ask us to go fer competition de lo
somemore pay oso pay fer eu all de ..... to go
we're nt rich too
n n n i WONT pay de lo
make no mood fer competition..
dont go betta..
ppl wif backup can come n go as they lyk
but us leh, didnt come fer one time coz gt thingd to do n they'll tok behind yur back lo
seriously e bias system ish still inside lo..
said change
but ish change of person to biased another ppl nia..
taiwan dont go dont go larh...
i'll much more happie wif moi frenz..
i rather go wif ppl i lyk than go ther see ppl face..

i'm damm hot nw..
stupid sai guan make mie no mood fer CNY

好朋友永远都不会离开你 希望我好朋友能够在我的身边一辈子

1/24/2009 01:10:00 PM