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Thursday, December 04, 2008

My Complicate Life ♥

Tis quiz ish specially ask frm tt cute frenz of mine to do..

"Pass this to your friends to know how their relationship is going on."
1. What kind of boyfriend/girlfriend do you like?
romantic, wont quarrel wif mie fer no reason, carin/kind, able to know wad i wan without sayin..
2. How did you celebrate your 1st month?
nth lo..do our own stuff..eu do yurs stuff n i do mine..
3. Do you feel safe with your boyfriend/girlfriend?
ermmm...dono leh..mayb abit ba?
4. When you see your bf/gf injured or sick, would you be there even if you're busy?
try moi best to...
5. When it's your 12th month & your stead is having an affair, what would you do?
then i'll oso hav another affair outside lo..fair enough..
6. What if you know your ex is still loving you albeit he/she is single while you're attached?
cal him dont tink of mie alreadi..go find other ppl ba..ltr said i waste his youth..
7. Are you single, having a r/s or having a crush on someone?
S . . . . . :]]
8. List out 3 love/sad songs.
Potential Breakup song , Can i hav tis dance ,老鼠爱大米 (coz it's rat love rice ma )
9. What would you do if you and your stead quarrel?
Fight till e end lo...no matter wad it takes..i wont wanna lose..
10. Do you wish to know if someone has a crush on you?
Dono...mayb it's a kind of bliss fer some ppl n mayb nt...
11. What if you're single & someone has a crush on you?
Lets see hw lo..dependin e guy gt hw much patience to wait fer mie..
12. How many times had your heart been broken by somebody?
woah...alot lo...hard to count..
13. How do you feel when you fall in love with someone?
Normal ba..jux a person to take care of eu onli..coz true love dont exist..
14. If you & your stead quarrel, who'd be the one apologizing?
Difinitely nt mie...
15. What would you do if your stead wants a break up?
I wont stopped lo..since he alreadi fall fer other ppl...in fact i'll congrats him..
16. Did any of your bf/gf give you a present that you liked the most?
yea...Musical Box..finalli after 8 mths he gave mie somethin i tink it's e best..
17. When did you last cry for someone whom you love?
Dono...but definitely nt fer love..fer somebody which raise voice tok to mie loudly
18. How many times did you break your promise to your stead?
Tink no ba..even it's once or twice..
19. Do you wish that your r/s will last long?
LOL...stupid qn lo..which gal wish every relationship to last fer a wk onli..lyk tt sg de gal no nid married le lo..guys play wif gal n gal toy wif guys..
20. Did your stead kiss you in public?
Hmmm..gd qn..no...coz he love his face more than mie :]]

Remember to pass this to 2 of your friends & ask them to post in their blog.

1. Trina ( Pass back to tt person ask mie to do tis stupic quiz ) make mie've to blog 3 times a dae
2. Adeline? ( Dont worry..can change tt to frenz de )

2 ish enough...gd frenz doesnt nid much de...

好朋友永远都不会离开你 希望我好朋友能够在我的身边一辈子

12/04/2008 09:50:00 PM