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Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Complicate Life ♥

245th post :]]]

finalli back frm chalet,TP ...
damm happie..
endurance fer 5 daes without slp ish realli taxin..
cant slp till i finsh moi TP
was nervous till cant slp

chalet turn out to b a fun 1..
those endurance was worth while..
BBQ fer 1st nite
water bomb n throwin of cake all around costa sand fer liling birthdae..

rentin of bike..
fall down frm bike too
cycle all e way till changi village n bike broke down..
on e way back heavy rain n we share shelter wif ACJC ppl
decided to hiong back as everyone was almost wet..
spend abt half an hr gettin back due to e rain..
everyone was freakin cold..
n Mr Prawn hav to run back together wif e spoil bike..
n i've make funni jokes fer them to laugh at mie..
jux fallin twice frm bed n hit moi bed can make liling laugh till tear

back to pin chao hse except liling n michelle..
manage to close eye fer awhile n prepare christmas dinner
ate n bath...
prepare ourself fer town..
cabbed to town..
was kinnda fun wif all those ppl sprayin foam..
kenna alot when we jux reach ther..
parted wif them to find pei jun n company..
back to pin chao hse :]]

left pin chao hse wif liling as she's nt feelin well n xiao
left out michelle ther...[ sorrie sorrie ]
snapshot alot of their slpin photo..
but none knew i snapshot them
rch juboon chalet at 7am..
n they tot i took 1st train..
bought mac n ate alone outside..
swimmin pool fer photos awhile n slp fer 2 hrs b4 havin lunch wif gang..
loyang tua pek gong pray n hm swt hm...

was late n i'm e last to reach fer warm-up..
straight went to moi vehicle after printin paper
coz i didnt knew hav to report at counter..
end up do vertical parkin n hit pole..
sian 1/2..
instructor was oso shock tt i did those wad i shld nt do..
but at e end..
tester was a gd 1..
veri polite..
heng heng pass :)

went to see teng yang 3rd anniversary..
n wad i can comment ish..
their dragon damm chio lo..
nt those usual colour i seen..
black base wif gold de dragon was wad i like most..
saw their dragon performance too..
nice too...

but didnt manage to see their yue guang long n high pole lion dance
headed off to ikea after little monkey came over to find mie
mr prawn sat moi car fer some test drivin n i shock him eventually..
fetch liling,prawn n little monkey went tampines 805 fer supper..
headed to punggol ghost hse n saw a grp of malays..
chatted wif them fer awhile n went hougang
saw a lorry of ah beng while rchin..
walk hougang plaza fer 2 rounds b4 decidin to practise moi parallel parkin
wad i can said was damm jia lat
if ther's a car ther i sure bang de..

send liling hm 1st
prawn next..
b4 we could reach little monkey place gt stop by police fer check..
little monkey still said tt ish accident..
was askin him to fasten safety belt quickly..
park one side n e police officer damm cute lo..

Police : open car boot, off engine n out of e car ..
little monkey & mie : orh ok..
Police : but tt piglet can stay inside e car..
( after passin them moi drivin paper n ic )
Police : eu juc pass yur TP arh..
mie : yep..
Police : when eu pass arh?
mie : 26th dec lo..
Police : Woah...( their expression ish lyk those shock dao de )
Police to little monkey : yur frenz drivin ok anot?
little monkey : yep okok..
Police : okok..can go le...remember to fasten sit belt fer yur piglet hor..
( was abt to go n was cal back )
Police : eu probation driver rite?wher's yur T plate..
Mie : eu wait arh..stick to mirror but drop..so jux slot 1 side..
n off i go :]]

damm suay lo..
1st dae drivin 1st dae tio police check..
but nvm..
headed to town todae..
wanted to buy a bag but cant find..
bought a pair of sandal..damm nice de lo..wif alot of crystal..
headed to taka espirit n wanted to get a bag
but price seems to b similar to long champ..
but didnt manage to find as all shops r closin..
hm swt hm :]]

好朋友永远都不会离开你 希望我好朋友能够在我的身边一辈子

12/28/2008 11:22:00 PM