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Friday, August 29, 2008

My Complicate Life ♥

192th post :]]

came back after gathering wif zeng jun,peng quan,jun wei,trina,si man,wei tian & poh jian
since a long time we've get together..
gossipin n tokin craps together..
but nw when we see everyone
1st qn was how's yur life nw..
studies ok ma..
but nvm..
at least at to see them..
still happie :]]

went JP kopitiam fer lunch n craps as usual..
poh jian kept entertainin us by sayin porn stuff
makin mie,trina & zeng jun laugh till eat so slow
while e other table had finish their meal n waitin fer us..
went walk walk after tt..
till 2 plus si man,wei tian,gabriel n poh jian went off
left e 5 of us..
darlin went off after a short while..
acc e 3 musketter at mac while they waitin to watch 4bia which i dont dare..
confirm get nightmare n dont dare to slp..
coz image will keep flickin in moi mind..

was feelin down recently..
kinnda stress fer competition,studies,family n most importantly tt fella..
dono who to find..
but thx pei jun was accompanyin mie msgin all tis dae :)
didnt went trainin yesterdae coz i've to settle somethin..
hurt moi hand abit..
reasons was some stupid reasons..
now cymbal cant hit tt loud fer e moment..
coz it's damm pain..
regretted hittin
tt thing

Msg To Punching Bag :

fall down leh..
1st time see eu take out yur 猪脚..
see larh..everytime cant slp cnt slp till eu cant focus..
fall down le then pain wan cry..
watch wu shi video somemore..
but then larh
see eu fall down was shock..
coz nebe expect to see a ball roll down..
somemore alot of ppl came n surround eu..
onli hav to wait fer them to clear crowd then come di siao eu abit

to let eu relieve fer awhile..
i gd rite?
muz 谢谢 wo leh..
faster present mie medal hor..
owe mie alot le..
btw if realli cannot dont everytime 逞强
逞强 yet eu get hurt again oso no point..
know yur characteristic super stubborn
dont wan let people disappoint in eu everyone knows
but ther's a limit to wad ppl can do..
anyway jux jia you n take care ba :]]

好朋友永远都不会离开你 希望我好朋友能够在我的身边一辈子

8/29/2008 05:25:00 PM