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Monday, August 25, 2008

My Complicate Life ♥

191th post :]]
didnt went sch todae..
coz was havin terrible headache n feelin super cold when wakin up
went to UOB to help mummie pay off daddy 5000 bucks of accomodation at taiwan
then after tt walk at ther to ta bao lunch as no appetite
but no matter wad muz still eat abit..
take cake fer mummie n went back hm as jp was so cold till i cant take it..
bused hm
mj cal mie sayin he wan to find his bro but cant find
alight at bustop n he n mj follow mie all e way till i saw his car
then was super shock when i saw his car ther n when i turn back,saw him
gav mie flower...so happy!!
went to boon lay eat..
slacked at andy hse after tt n went superbowl fer bowlin session..
went up find lao shi settle all things n go trainin..
todae was ok ok nia..muz jia you somemore
trainin till halfway then startin to hav difficulty in breathin
haiz...nt e 1st time anyway
was feelin xing ku so walked around,sit down but was of no use...
asked lawrence get mie a sweet n was feelin betta abit..
continue play e cymbal n try to breathe normally..
hm swt hm wif moi slipper black..
cant wear shoe fer e moment..but if no choice bo bian
caught a Winnie The Pooh using onli 2 bucks at suntec yesterdae..
damm happie!!

好朋友永远都不会离开你 希望我好朋友能够在我的身边一辈子

8/25/2008 11:39:00 PM