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Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Complicate Life ♥

183th post :]]

kinnda didnt blog fer quite sometime
n i'm being ask to blog by motivator
had a busy weekends
went to bought a pasta at fairprice on fri n tot i could cook it coz everythin ish inside
so went up to find him n start cookin e pasta
but at e end e things seems so tasteless n it taste horrible
went out to eat instead
went to batok hav "Tartini" western food
taste ok ok
but e waitin time was damm long till i feel lyk vomittin b4 i ate
coz was super hungry le
food came n i gobbled up half of it
n of coz nt 4gettin leavin half fer him to settle fer mie

went hm n trainin at 9am on sat...
everyone woke up late coz we off e alarm n went back slp
mit ade,pam at cc n changed wif them
trainin was nth much
learnt to play drum while sotong train her 狮头
n pam n ade train their 双脚,双飞,单脚
trainin was ok ok
n i learnt to play 起狮,大步,小简,手鼓

drummin was to play together wif sotong
n we were laughin lyk hell
coz e drum i hit till too slow fer her
then she do those kind of retarded action to show tt i'm slow
so increased speed n she scold mie
who tell her to said tt of mie
slack at 3rd storey after tt n hm swt hm
laptop on bed till i slept
actualli headin fer town 1st
but last min went to hav dinner wif bao bei & bf , mummy n 4th mei
ate crystal jade n surprisingly e queue wasnt tt long..
bill came up to 100 bucks n mummy fork out 70 bucks

went changi airport to watch aeroplane as planned
e moment we rch ther bought Popeye mash potato n cajun fries
ate dessert too coz ther was damm lots ppl at Popoye
went upstair to e viewin mall n
e screen fer viewin was damm damm small lo
totally cant see
saw a grp of uncle in 40 to 50 in their age
then suddenly 1 of them said
at 1st dono wad's e meanin
then suddenly till kinnda loudly when someone interprete e meanin out
become super zi lian out of a sudden
keep on takin pics fer 1 hr non stop
till somebody sian 1/2
use 2 hrs time to walk e whole of changi airport T1,T2,T3
damm fast lo
after takin pics fer so long tired n headed back hm..

planned to go mushroom farm todae but couldnt find e place
as we went e wrong place
so went to farm way fer some dog seein
oso went back to find e dog tt i took pics in april
e shihzu ish damm cute lo
use 2 legs to walk around
but e pet shop told mie tt e dog has been sold le
n ask mie 1 qn which i'm stunned at it
"How come when eu buy dog eu wanna buy those abnormal or crippled de?"
then i was lyk ermmm
stunned le
went ikea n walked throughly fer 2 hrs
saw e furniture tt we wanna buy n total add up to 548 bucks

went out of cashier,went to buy hotdogs as he's hungry
saw liling,yi sheng n kah ming at ther
mummy bought 2 ice-cream n he bought a hotdogs set
gt staff discount n a free drinks frm them..
thx ya
went to tampines 802 fer dinner
had quite alot fer 4 ppl
rojak,carrot cake,2 prawn noodle,cereal prawn,fried oyster
n 4th mei reaction was damm funni when she saw e fried oyster
she was lyk makin e hand signal sayin yes!
hm swt hm after tt


好朋友永远都不会离开你 希望我好朋友能够在我的身边一辈子

7/13/2008 09:25:00 PM