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Monday, June 16, 2008

My Complicate Life ♥

176th post :#

i postin tis post fer fear nt lettin ppl know
rather than doin those little tricks behind ppl back
damm hot nw
thx to tt unless n intoleratin guy
causin tis sister of mine to go crazy fer eu
everytime quarrel she've to go all e way down to tuas frm taman jurong juz to find eu
actin big issit?
n when it's nt her fault at times she's oso e 1 who find eu
wad's e big deal?
havin to take buses n through or rather walk hm herself in e middle of e nite frm yur hse ther
is tt hw a bf shld treat a gal he truely love anot?
somemore yur hse is located in those kind of creepy place

fancy a gal hav to cabbed hm frm sentosa coz e guy hav no money
funni rite?
n all eu wan was to hav sex wif her n dump her
tt's wad everyone know frm eu
n tink eu yurself oso agree too yurself
coz moi sis was too stupid to go n believe n fall fer eu
n eu can go around flirtin wif gals
but e moment she go out wif a guy eu quarrel n scold her
come on larh
22th century alreadi larh
still havin tis kind of noob tinkin
if a gal were to follow eu she'll follow de

n threatenin ppl ish oso veri fun rite?
keep sayin wad cant live without her

said wan to commite suicide would b betta off
wan jump go jump larh
stop all yur nonsense larh
everyone oso know tt eu'll nt die fer her de
onli yur mouth ish sweet nia
practically i dont tink eu hav any guts to jump
n end all e sufferin fer all e ppl esp her family member larh
i can provide eu wif free Coffin
nw eu muz b veri happie le
she chose eu over e family
even walked out of e family coz of eu
mother n sister r lyk strangers to her
n i dont even tink any1 in our family lyk eu nw

moi sis nt onli hav 1 suitor lyk eu
any 1 i name ish a far lots betta guy than eu
ther's a number of ppl wooin her too
onli tt she took sympathy of eu nia
few weeks back she realli wanna break wif eu
eu kept msgin her back sayin eu veri sian,tired,miss her,or rather worse still ask fer patch
jux countin yur break n patch within yr can b more than 20 times
fancy makin her cry everydae till she fall sick n eye swollen
r eu counted as a guy?
nah..dont even tink so
coz eu onli gt a sweet mouth to make ppl happie
n gainin her sympathy nia
babarian should i said

oh ya
dont even tink of gettin married
it's practically no use
even if eu were to get married with approval i dont tink neither one of our sister will b goin
esp mie i can said
dont even nid to serve wadever shit tea
whoever make moi sis offend moi mummy will b offendin mie too
so eu dont bother try to said sorrie
which fer sure eu tis kind of ppl wont said de
n eu'r e one who's nt lettin her go nw
nt her
remember wad i said
dont let mie caught eu doin somethin which eu'r nt supposed to do
or else i wont hesitate to sue eu fer tt..

好朋友永远都不会离开你 希望我好朋友能够在我的身边一辈子

6/16/2008 10:24:00 PM