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Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Complicate Life ♥

169th post :]]

didnt went sch on thurs
coz kinnda nt feelin tt well at e mornin
then afternoon was abit ok ok
then went out wif darlinn to town
amended moi nails at bugis street n went to century square to get darlin stuff
went back to the central n gt moi short which i'm eyein fer quite sometime
went hm at 7.30 n rch hm at 7.55
fast indeed rite?
went to meet him straight after tt
n went to one of e cafe at bukit timah
whch ish 1 of moi fav. cafe
went ther fer 1 time wif ** aunt n i'm in love wif it
it's cal " Liquid Cafe "
in lurve wif e mushroom soup
damm nice n fresh lo
e tot of it made mie feel lyk drink it again
ate waffles ice-cream yesterdae :]]

waited fer si rong to finish her bridge leader de interview
she didnt make it in though
coz she was stunned by e qn tt they gave
nebe encountered b4
after tt waited fer e bus n went to bedok interchange fer lunch
ate fried fish noodle soup,chee kwey n loggan drink
quite alot de
was laughin throughout whenever we go lo
ish lyk pin chao suddenly turn gay when sch ush over
they both kept touchin each other lo
then slack at princess mac fer awhile b4 decidin to watch movie
watch "What Happen In Vegas"
was quite ok ok
rather normal i can said
but e cinema was rather empty wif onli 8 ppl inclusive of us

but didnt realli get to watch e show in a pretty gd condition
coz contact lense was damm dry n eye was pretty tired
finish e show at 6.30
then trained to pasir ris n bused to si rong's brother hse to put her lappy down
then bused to downtown
had waffles ice-cream again over ther again
ate e 2nd ice-cream fer e dae
had 1 at mac b4 tt
n cabbed hm after tt
total came out to b 32 bucks
so ex. lo
1st time sia
muz control lyk wad ** & darlinn said le
cant spent anymore

好朋友永远都不会离开你 希望我好朋友能够在我的身边一辈子

5/10/2008 12:29:00 AM