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想法也会一天一 天的不同,

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Complicate Life ♥

144th post :)

finalli change moi blogskin le
new yr was kinnda fun

new yr eve went to granny hse fer reunion dinner
play blackjack n went off at 8pm
waited fer freddy to fetch be goin to law hse
went to chinatown to countdown
bought corn de swt fer moiself
went off to cathay at 1 plus to watch ah long pte ltd
damm hilarious n i laugh out loud at some of e part
esp e part wher e gun ish being wield by mark lee
hm swt hm at 5 plus


ate steamboat as usual fer e past few yr
blackjack fer a few round b4 daddy,mummy n granny play mahjong
went to law de aunt to bai nian wif freddy
abit awkward coz we dono e ppl ther
after tt went back to law hse n wait fer gil n mak to come
at e end they overshot e bustop n took another bus back
rch at 8.30 n went to moi hse to bai nian
wisely.nard.jia cheng.mao mao.guo wei. came too
freddy send wisely n gang to entertainment fer movie
n fetch gil back hm to take clothes to ton at law hse
mak walk back hm to take clothes too
came back at abt 12 plus wif guo qiang
n we went to west coast de prata shop to eat
order a plain n egg
eat a mouth of each n gave e rest to guo qiang
no appetite to eat
food took super long to arrive
hm swt hm at 2 plus 3


wake up 7.30 in e mornin fer chu shi
damm tired
ade came moi hse n waited fer mie
go down cc
gt changed everythin
didnt hav breakfast till lunch
had mac chicken fer lunch
lame lo
somemore lunch ish settle on e lorry
stop fer 10 mins onli b4 headin to e next destination
everythin was all smooth as it didnt rain
coz every chu 2 sure rain de
back to cc at 6.45
everyone waited fer e ang bao tt they goin to distribute
waited fer an hr plus b4 they finish everythin
went to huang jiao lian hse to bai nian
n i win 120 bucks ther
play wif e small kids n i b banker fer fun nia
hm swt hm at 1am


didnt hav any chu shi fer tt dae
mit up wif ade n law at je
supposingly we'll b meetin at 1.30 but i arrive at 2pm
train to sembawang n walk till 3 at sun plaza
cabbed to peter hse after tt
he order buffet but e quantity wasnt enough fer all
so order pizza hut n KFC
total order 4 times fer both
rich isnt he?
invited yu hong to cai qing fer his hse
juboon family de ppl invite their family to perform fer them
went off in their lorry to je
cabbed to law hse
max n ah boon join in after tt
abt steamboat at his hse n play blackjack
went to jp to take clothes frm darlinn n send ade back
maz drank voka wif green tea at law hse
watch tv wif playin poker

CHU 4,5,6

nth special except chu shi on e 4th
bought a psp on tt dae too :))
353 bucks
wif nth but jux modify
abit ex. n bo hua
no choice ma
too kan jiong to buy
acc. darlinn to simei ite fer her course interview
she's tinkin twice nw
coz e course de uniform ish damm ugly nw
n tt make her reject e course
nw she's tryin to enter another course durin e 2nd intake
which start 3pm on 14th till e 19th
wheras higher nitec ish on e 22th to 28th
cant afford to missed any of tis le
or else i'll sure regret

好朋友永远都不会离开你 希望我好朋友能够在我的身边一辈子

2/14/2008 02:21:00 AM