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想法也会一天一 天的不同,

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Gucci Bag (Metallic Gold Pinkish Wif Stripe ).
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Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Complicate Life ♥

134th post :))

OmG i accidently delete moi post jux nw
n nw i've to retype again
wadever cant blame anyone
it's 3am n i'm still nt in bed
hav to wake up at 6am ltr to help out at e CCA open hse
how borin it's
but nvm max zhi gil will b ther to acc n tok together
pinic tomolo was cancelled
changed to pub session
gonna go back to Qb to drink e leftover martell
tt means tomolo goin to b a tirin dae fer us

cabbed to Meiji wif grandparents todae
was kinnda fun wherby i look at those choco.
take e choc. as if they were free
n gt a scoldin frm mummy
coz i did overspent
spent over 78 bucks
n end up carryin 3 big bags
actualli tot of tryin e Amino Collagen
but at e end didnt take coz i'm out of cash n thy accept cash onli
but i read through thread n ther's ppl sayin tt it's nt gd fer their skin n will giv pimple
hav 2nd thoughts if i'm gonna get tt item
btw gt a realli nice MeltyKiss choc.
onli at 6.90 bucks
worth tryin it coz it's realli realli realli nice
thumbs upp :))
but didnt get to hav any coz moi boss wan it
no choice
giv it to her

work todae was so borinlotsa ppl todae n was inside e counter luckily
coz e stocks todae ish 119 cartons n 19 toolbox
damm lots sia
but still i would rather serve those nasty customer than stockin up
counter was damm messsy oso
when i gt in i've to jump around b4 i get to moi counter
coz they jux throw everythin inside n didnt even bother to pack
so i quickly use all moi free time to clear up everythin
coz mostly of e stock ish dump to moi counter tt side
tirin dae

tomolo mayb hittin town again
damm sian
oso nth to do
might as well shop around fer new yr clothes since i left so little to shop ard
or i take e 2nd choice n tt's back hm slpin
will b workin till e end of tis month onli n i'm free
cant spent much as i'll b gettin $$ frm mummie
onli feb 7 moi next pay will b in

it's so unfair
last month will get on e 7th
n i shall save half fer rainy daes
if nt everytime i spent all those which i'm supposed to save e money
gonna make a 2nd back acc alreadi
if nt 'm gonna declare bankrupt b4 21 yrs old

好朋友永远都不会离开你 希望我好朋友能够在我的身边一辈子

1/12/2008 02:51:00 AM