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Simei ITE ( Logistic Management ).
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想法也会一天一 天的不同,

2009 ReSoLuTiOnS :))

Gucci Bag (Metallic Gold Pinkish Wif Stripe ).
Hong Kong / TaiWan / JaPaN TriP bY 2009.
i'LL b abLe To B HaPPiEr aS dAeS pAss bY.
abLe tO cHanGe MoI cHaRaCtErIsTiC fEr e beTTa.
DrIvIn LiCeNsE oN 26/12 :]].




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Saturday, September 08, 2007

My Complicate Life ♥


went to taka to watch competition again
kinnda been goin fer e past few dae
celebrate gilson birthdae wif e help of darlinn
she bought birthdae cake fer gilson
nam xian was performing while we were celebratin
so sang birthdae song wif darlinn,louis,chloe,gilson,daniel loudly when they start
tt's e request by gilson
kinnda pathetic fer him coz all was lyk kneelin down n squattin down to sing him a birthdae song
n true enough ther were still ppl lookin at us coz we realli sing loud
darlinn wait fer mie till e whole competition n sent mie hm after tt
thx :))
took alot of stairs up to e carpark n mie n darlinn was breathless halfway
kept complainin
but at e end ask cleaner n he guide us up


sch was damm borin anyway
hav talk in e mornin
kinnda slp inside LT
went to derrick hse fer mahjong n project time
went to stand in fer weiting while she went to BPP to buy bubble tea wif gui ling
went off at 6 plus to find adeline they all
change quickly when i rch ther n watch e competition
got e 2nd last position
everyone was sad
awww wahhh
coz they realli put lots of efforts n time fer preparing the competition
keep eatin those junk food after their competition
ice-cream treat by lao shii
bought curry puff at 1st
then after eatin still hungry
went down inside to taka to buy bread n drinks wif moi 2 bodyguard
was damm full after eatin 1 mini bread
so threw e rest to them to finish it
coz they'r hungry too

* dont sad le guys.
eu all alreadi did yur best le
no matter wad eu all r still e elite of elite
shi bai na wei cheng gong zhi mu oO


saw RQ wif their formal clothes fer e interview
n it's realli damm formal lo
esp. e guys
but still they look abit weird in it
coz nt use to seein them in those clothin
went IMM wif kiam to find her long sleeve clothes
walk till abt 2.30 n went hm to change n mit her up at jurong point
went to do somethin fer darlinn
take 180 n pei kiam go till dairy farm coz scared she lost sia
blur queen
after sendin her till ther was abt 5 le
spent e rest 2 hr slackin at some place
drenched in e rain while walkin on e streets
didnt realli know wher i shld go either
met law at 7.30 at yew tee fer pasar malam
was damm tired n eye was closin le
walk ther till 8.50 b4 decidin goin to clementi
went to clementi pasar malam walk awhile n met up wif chermaine,elwyn,mao mao
slack n walk awhile while we head to botakjones fer dinner
ate cajun chicken
big portion sia
n i gave all things related to veggie to law
see i'm damm gd lo
fancy givin him all e veggie than eatin them
n i said elwyn video clip
damm hilarious lo
laugh till peng sia
havent been laughin lyk tt ever since moi sec sch time
realli miss e time tt we spent together
miss all e jokes n problems tt we share
pickin on those ppl tt we dislike n di siao them
but nw
it's no use broodin over

好朋友永远都不会离开你 希望我好朋友能够在我的身边一辈子

9/08/2007 12:53:00 AM