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想法也会一天一 天的不同,

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Complicate Life ♥

hav been goin to fajar to watch competition tis few daes
fun fun
todae was e yuan ching competition
did well except fer e last part
but everyone was agail enough to follow
n it ended smoothly
gt 8.51
n everyone was so elated
nt to mention those at e competition
coz they onli tot of havin 7. plus point
everyone was so happy especially damien coach
saw huang khee todae oso
she chu shi wif cheng hui
coz her bf ther playin shi tou
n she was sayin tt we'll get 8. plus de point de
higher than ycss n juboon de
in e end they onli get 7. plus sia
then we was lyk goin ther to di siao n ask her hw mani point her shi guan get
n she was lyk sayin 7. plus
n everyone was lyk shootin her
left ther at abt 3.50
saw her cryin when we left
arent we bad?
rch cc
changed n ade came to moi hse to bath
chee kian came up moi hse shortly n we left to fajar cc quickly
as we wanted to see e 1st team playin tiao zhuang
in e end didnt manage to see it
end up eatin,slackin,jokin n foolin around ther
didnt realli saw e ppl tiao zhuang
n i didnt observe somethin ther
e gals tt come to see tiao zhuang de r definitely 100% chio than those gals who came to see e traditional de XD
n freddy fetch mie,ade n a yuan ching teacher
was goin to freddy de van n someone frm other shi guan accidently step onto moi shoe
n cause mie to fall n moi left elbow hit a vehicle
damm pain sia
n his malaysia slant was damm clear lo
slp fer 4 hrs n wake up at 8.15 todae
damm tired
shall stop here
willin b uploadin foto by tis wk ba

5 more daes to hong kong :))

好朋友永远都不会离开你 希望我好朋友能够在我的身边一辈子

7/29/2007 11:08:00 PM