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Monday, May 21, 2007

My Complicate Life ♥

i'm back to bloggin..

[* 19/5 sat *]

town wif gilson,max,guo wei,mao mao..
waited fer mao mao at hm fer 1 hr plus..
coz he said he nid to eat bath...
then mit max n gilson at orchard..
went far east plaza e chinese de ramen..
saw nas,wei chao,ming xiong n timothy ther...
after tat went yew tee wif gilson..
hw go hm change n bath..
slack at e pasar malam fer abt 45 mins b4 he came..
went to find freddy at bukit panjang..
saw e 1st ever macdonald drink station tat can refill drink wif many funny de shots..
nt tat nice..
actualli wan try e orange but no more..
tried e bubble gum n gilson try e grape...
went to watch 28 weeks later at cathay..
bought 1.35am de ticket..
reach ther at 11 plus..
went to eat at orchard de kopitiam..
watch football match Man-U against chelsea..
in e end Man-U lose..
went back to cathay after tat..
didnt know tat it was an M18 de show after we gt in..
as ther was a pole writin M18..
but e most funni part ish i 1stly i dono wad movie we're watchin..
n i go wif them inside dumbly..
till i ask lawerence wad show ish tis..
then he tell mie some sort of human eater de..
quickly took his jacket to cover moi face when e show start..
n i did it right..was quite fearful..
n scared lawerence fer a few time by clutchin n hittin him out of a sudden...
hm after e show...

[* 20/5 sun *]

went to bugis wif gilson n lawerence..
saw lawerence friend n he follow us..
went to queenway shop fer gilson de levis shoe..
couldnt found n decided to go lawerence hse wait fer him bath le then go IMM..
meet chermaine ther fer dinner..
was walkin ther wif 3 of lawerence de frenz,chermaine n gilson..
damm damm hungry..
n chermaine n mie was grumbin..
finalli at abt 8 plus they went fer dinner..
ate at cafe cartel..
waited fer e food fer abt 20 mins..
damm hungry le..
so keep on goin to take their free flow bread..
n before e food came i was lyk gilson maid..
keep on takin things fer him as i'm sittin outside..
i wanna complain..
order meat lover set meal n i ate onli e sausage,the pork steak n fries..
still gt 1 more chicken i threw to lawerence fer him to finish it fer mie..
how clever of mie..
coz e quantity was too big fer mie..
cabbed hm at 10plus wif lawerence they all..
found out somethin on tat dae..
lawerence ish goin to b lyk patrick coach le..
call us out n bring us hm..

went to sch as usual todae..
ate lunch at clementi central de jap restaurant..
e food was horrible..
totally nt nice..
didnt eat finish but was veri full though..
still buy bubble tea back to sch..
was freakin full n bloated..
stomach goin to burst le..
gt fat a few kg..
decided to go back juboon fer dietin..
as i MIA fer a long time le..
gonna go fer dragon trainin tis fri no matter wad..
n i'm gonna quit tat freakin burger king le..
even if they put no show i'm goin to quit...

好朋友永远都不会离开你 希望我好朋友能够在我的身边一辈子

5/21/2007 08:41:00 PM