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Monday, March 26, 2007

My Complicate Life ♥

kinnda gt lots to blog.
went fer movie after trainin on 23/3 fri.
watch TMNT.
but e sad thing ish we sat at e 1st row.
didnt get to see much as e effect was veri strong.
n it was damm difficult to see de.
but bo bian.
in e end i sat ther keep on smsin throughout n e same does fer chermaine.
was lyk too much money to spend le.
rch hm at 1 plus n was nag by father.

24/3 sat

woke up at 8 plus by moi mother sayin tat i nid to pei moi grandma go see doctor.
was sleepin fer 6 hours onli lor.
then quickly wash up le then go out.
kinnda mad at grandpa.
keep on callin n callin to ask mie hurry up.
wheras he go out wif his frenz rather than take granny to see doctor.
rch granny hse at 9 plus n pei her go see doctor till abt 10 plus.
slack at her hse till 2 plus while waitin fer pei jun.
went off at 2 plus to cine fer movie.
watch Mr Bean Holidae.
was damm damm hilarious.
laugh till veri de jia lat.
then went to eat at marina south.
didnt expect so mani ppl to b ther.
ming jie celebrate his birthdae at zheng fa.
han kuan celebrate his goin to court session at long chun.
n we ate at choon pang.
was lyk dotz.
but e funniest ish han kuan.
go court so happit till nid to celebrate de.
hav lotsa fun at ther.
but in e end i didnt managed to get hm in time n was some sort of lock out.
was damm damm tired on tat dae le.
then went to sat e last train till kranji.
then take cab to admiratly de macdonald.
slack fer awhile b4 moi mei tell mie tat she's actualli waitin fer mie.
so kan dong sia.
chiong hm in cab.
n managed to go inside.
was some sort of lock up in hse on sun.
cant go out.
in e end went to granny hse to visit her fer awhile.
b4 goin off to report ic lost wif pei jun.
n he gt caught by throwin ciagarette around e police station n hav to take out sia.
damm funni.

好朋友永远都不会离开你 希望我好朋友能够在我的身边一辈子

3/26/2007 11:26:00 AM