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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Complicate Life ♥

hi peeps.here i'm to blog again.hmmm went to eugene's coach de hse to bai nian yesterdae.then rch ther at 5.30pm.was damm too early.then in e end slack ther till abt 7pm b4 e rest of them come.was durin beer durin e time n was veri tired coz i slept at 1am e dae b4.then everyone thought i was drunk coz moi face ish red.but i didnt get drunk realli.so fell asleep while sittin at his sofa.then woke up at around 8pm n went inside one of e room to gamble.won $46 but split wif zhi qin half of e money.consider win a few bucks onli.but it's better than nth.i shld b contented le.

nw at sch bloggin plus chiongin moi project.everythin muz b handled up by tis fri.am doin moi best to chiong.gonna study hard n revise wad i've done all tis 2 month le.if nt i'm nt goin to catch up.hmmm.gonna go queenway to collect zhi qin de spec n pay e rest of e bal. of 100 bucks.booo hooo.thx to moi hand tat his spec spoilt n i'm gonna fork out usin moi ang bao money to pay fer it.sian.but nvm.mayb goin out wif trina after takin e spec.gonna buy new urban de bag.weeee...she's so excited.can get it at cheap prices.

好朋友永远都不会离开你 希望我好朋友能够在我的身边一辈子

2/28/2007 02:13:00 PM

Monday, February 26, 2007

My Complicate Life ♥

hmmm.was kinnda busy wif chu shi & chingay tis few dae.


went to peter's coach de hse to bai nian.play blackjack n still e same.win a small amount.but nvm.nebe lose any money can le.gd fer nas le.he brought 20 bucks go n win 150 bucks.lucky sia.play till 10.45pm n went back hm.


Preview Of Chingay.weee.excited.
went to wei tian hse abt 3pm.then play mahjong wif her till 4 plus.went to IMM to look fer magazine but in e end all sold out le.so chiong cab to cc at 4.50pm as all by 5pm nid to rch ther.was nt veri high on e preview.n of course gt scoldin from coach.but overall.it was still fun.esp. e WTA ( Wave The Audience ).


went to chu shi in e mornin.but in e end i rch ther no gals goin.dots.actualli all said nt goin le but zhi zhi nebe tell mie.said dont wan go onli.make mie e onli gals tat's goin.sian 1/2.then go chu shi le come back faster chiong to queenway to make a new spec fer zhi qin.haiz.sian.$160 bucks of moi ang bao money gone to tat le.but nvm.btw thanks freddy fer bringin us ther.realli appreciate yur help.thanks ya!saw lee kuen yew n his wife ther.was facin e VIP.stress.ahahaha.btw i'm on tv sia.veri veri de pai seh.coz moi hair veri ugly.sian diao.then darlinn said tat i make her lose 30 bucks coz she said mie till tat i was so funni then she lose her money when playin blackjack.funni sia.

好朋友永远都不会离开你 希望我好朋友能够在我的身边一辈子

2/26/2007 11:25:00 AM

Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Complicate Life ♥

HaPpIe ChInEsE nEw Yr To AlL!

hi peeps!i'm here to blog again.gt lotsa stuff to tell.


pon sch n went back to yuan ching fer drum de performance.play wrongly n was saw by mr ong coz he's juz beside mie.n they were oso playin too fast.abt 3x e speed compare to chingay de.was freakin fast.then after tat slack at canteen while waitin fer lorry to come to move all e things back to cc.saw zeng jun,reuter,christopher,jun wei,vimal & guo wei tok to zeng jun n reuter fer awhile b4 goin off.reach cc n carry e things to e hall.make a few trips n was tirin.after puttin fer awhile went to pamela mother de shop to eat.after tat went hm wif her mother n bro.went to reborn hair.pamela was accompanyin mie all along.thx ya fer accompanyin mie till i reborn even though eu hav alot to do.went to chinatown at nite wif law,fred,max,gil.went to sing song.had great fun.gonna go ther again after chi new yr bah.was laughin all e way.they sang so gross n was some sort of er xin.hahaha.btw i oso found out tat max n gil r GAY.ahahaha.reach h at 2am though i had curfew.risk moi life out.


woke up at 7 plus.wash up n went to grandma.was some sort of sleepy.so mood wasnt so gd.slept fer 5 hrs onli.ate reunion dinner in e afternoon.then play abit of poker n went off to cc fer chu si at taman cc.went to yunnan restaurant which was our sponsorship.had lion dance fer 3 times.play cymbal.lotsa improvment on e cymbal :) ate yu sheng,shark fins,fish,big prawn desert n even oso ang bao by them.happie.gt 40 bucks plus e $10 ang bao fer chu si.after tat chiong to granny hse to stay overnight.tat's wad i'm supposed to do.

had steamboat fer lunch n dinner todae.went to jian yi coach hse wif max,boon ming,wei na,wei zhi,guo qiang,shuang yao.saw his 3 dogs.wanted to touch but was terrified of animal.when his sis brought e dogs inside his room i immediately jump onto his bed.abit pai seh.coz dogs r cute animals but i'm still afraid of it.haiz.ate abit at his hse b4 goin off.waited fer 98 fer abt 15 mins.then quickly chiong hm to take ang bao from uncle.coz didnt hav e chance to take ang bao from him yesterdae.ate steamboat again.haiz.gt to stop le.shall blog next time.

I'm gettin fatter coz of chi new yr.sian 1/2.kept on eatin n eatin non-stop.i'm goin overweight again soon.

好朋友永远都不会离开你 希望我好朋友能够在我的身边一辈子

2/18/2007 08:35:00 PM

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Complicate Life ♥

hii guys...kinnda didnt blog fer a long time le...n i've gt complain frm moi darlinn...ahahaha....here to update eu all...wennt to suntec to repair moi hp frm tue, wed, thur,fri,sat b4 i can take back moi phone sia...quite irritated...wennt to collect moi phone on 10/2 (sat) then wennt straight to PA fer full dress rehearsel fer e chingay things...saw mani funni ppl ther lyk yang gui fei,fu lu shou,cai shen ye,monster too...when they make up tat time it was horrible sia...all look lyk ghost...ahahaha...rch hm at 11 plus on sat...then sun wennt to trainin at 10...had overslept n quickly wennt to cc...then went back hm at 12 coz father bringin us out....lunch at Long Beach...ate alot of things esp e crab...so bigg...shall post e foto up next time...wennt to queenway to buy racket n others...mit max, lawerence, patrick coach, lian fa coach n oso nt 4getiin moi Big Breast ( Boon Ming )....wennt to bugis after tat while max & lawerence went to novena to find gilson they all...walk at bugis fer awhile then nth to do so suggested tat we chiong in bugis street...stop at e traffic n realise ther was alot of ppl...in e end still chiong...in e end walk at OG then patrick coach buy clothes fer ian then awhile then andy came....wennt to eat at sun you mother shop...then saw sou yan wif her parent & sun you wif his stead...ate finish liao go back le....then when inside patrick van i'm havin CATs fight wif andy....was kinnda fun..havin scratches on moi hand when gettin into e cat fight too....went to sch as per normal then went to bugis find moi nike bag n wennt fer Wan Ting birthdae!!fun sia....make fun of her n shawn till then gt nth to said....excitin....

wennt fer principal talk todae...slept till e last then gt joker lecturer tellin slides in an interestin way...so gt up to listen n laugh till e end b4 proceedin back....

好朋友永远都不会离开你 希望我好朋友能够在我的身边一辈子

2/13/2007 02:41:00 PM

Monday, February 05, 2007

My Complicate Life ♥

boo...here r some pics taken on feb 3 bbq gatherin...

miie ,trina ,siman

andy ,trina ,miie

miie ,miss lim ,trina

hmmm..went to sch as usual todae..cant pon sch oso...sian...3 truancy=kik out of sch...haiz...sch ended at 3pm...cabbed to yuan ching sec to look fer teachers...saw mani teacher n new faces but miss e food so much sia...miss alot of teachers...esp Mrs Teo...her stomach so big le...gonna giv birth at march...after tat walk hm at abt 4.45pm....bath n take a nap till 7.50pm then wake up...tat's all...enjoy e foto!!

好朋友永远都不会离开你 希望我好朋友能够在我的身边一辈子

2/05/2007 08:34:00 PM

Sunday, February 04, 2007

My Complicate Life ♥

hi guyz...i'm here to blog again...ahahaha....went to bugis to shop fer clothes...but in e end i cant find any nice one...n btw e bugis street was so packed todae...was squeezin lyk a sardine inside ther...so ke lian...n i was sweatin all along...4 plus ade cal mie ask mie go play badminton....so chiong back at 6 hope to make it in time...rch ther at 6.50pm...then i play badminton wif one of jian yi jiao lian de frenz till he fall down while tryin to save e ball sia...feel so guilty...then after tat go play bb...play wif other team n yea we lose...but it was veri veri fun..1st time playin bb match wif others...:) rch hm at 8.30pm...wait fer moi next post!!

wanna buy a badminton racket badly!!!any recommend???

好朋友永远都不会离开你 希望我好朋友能够在我的身边一辈子

2/04/2007 09:35:00 PM

My Complicate Life ♥

yupp...juz bath finish n nw was on com...havin our bbq gatherin todae...was so funn...rch IMM at 3.30pm then ate long john till 4pm...suddenly e delivery man told mie tat he gonna rch at 4.30pm coz he's in some rush if time...then we quickly chiong go giant buy wadever stuff tat we nid n quickly go le...book a taxi n collected e food...rch ther wif raudhah,xu an,mie n moi mei....then gilson,jun hao oso rch le...so help us wif e food...so mani things to carry...then i check to see if ther's any tongs or e stick de...but in e end they said they dont provide...sian 1/2...quickly went to sheng siong to buy...meetup wif peiling too...then slowly all e ppl come le...we started bbqin,chattin so n so for....e gd things ish e gal doesnt nid to do any bbqin...coz e guyz r cookin fer us..:) thx alot guyz...after all e eatin we went to play e playground...it was so fun...ther was tis kind of thing tat everyone went to play...it a kind of turn turn things de...i played wif trina...in e end i cant tahan sia...coz moi shorts too slippery n moi head ish some sort of giddy...but gd fer mie compare to peiling...she played till she fly out sia...everyone was kinnda shocked...then after while i dared zeng jun to play e things again n he realli do it...after tat he vomited...felt so guilty sia...went to fetch mie mineral water n tissue to wash himself up...b4 goin hm we play wif fire hose...was kinnda fun....n i was e onli 1 who was drenched from head to toe...thx to poh jian n coz of him i scratch moi leg...was kinnda pain...ther was 2 scar on it...after everyone else go blah blah send mie back...:)

好朋友永远都不会离开你 希望我好朋友能够在我的身边一辈子

2/04/2007 01:10:00 AM

Thursday, February 01, 2007

My Complicate Life ♥

haiz...long time nebe blog le...kinnda sian...yesterdae go PA fer practice...was supposed to b at cc at 5 but moi schedule fer e dae ish 5 then go back....so chiong back hm to change clothes then straight go out le....but in e end rch cc all havent rdy yet...if i've known earlier i would hav taken a bath le....rch hm at 10....went to buy food fer moi family after sch todae....then nth much le....gonna hav trainin tomolo again....shall post nxt time when i realli free....oh ya i nearly 4gotten tat i'm realli lookin 4ward to tis sat de bbq gatherin!!!

好朋友永远都不会离开你 希望我好朋友能够在我的身边一辈子

2/01/2007 08:27:00 PM